Koen Reesink

Phone: +31 43 3881665, +31 43 3881659
Birthdate: 19-05-1976
Room: UNS50, H3.360


Personal statement:

Dr Koen Reesink was originally trained in Electrical Engineering and has been active in biomedical research for over 20 years. His interests and specialties are vascular structure and function, ventricular-vascular hemodynamic interaction, system dynamics and signal processing. Dr Reesink’s group has made significant and awarded contributions to quantify and interpret arterial stiffness measurements. Reesink leads his research line ‘Constitutive and system characteristics of large arteries’ under the CARIM programme Cardiovascular System Dynamics (PI Prof. Tammo Delhaas).

In 2005, Reesink obtained his PhD on ‘Matching mechanical cardiac support and the cardiovascular system’. In 2008, he obtained the prestigious ‘Veni’ personal research grant from the Dutch national research organisation. In 2012, Dr Reesink was awarded a temporary postdoctoral fellowship at Imperial College (Prof. Alun Hughes’ group). Reesink was initiator/chair of the Maastricht Vascular Network Group (2013), is Executive Committee member of ECCR (2015) and Council member of Artery (2016), and is currently working group 4 vice-lead in COST VascAgeNet (2019), and co-coordinator/co-chair of the MINDSHIFT-ITN (2020).

Dr Reesink’s research focuses on identifying the structure-function relations underlying the pathophysiology of arterial stiffening and aneursym formation. Quantitative insight into these multi-scale and networked system relations is of utmost importance to conceive, develop and validate therapeutic approaches.

Website: https://www.carimmaastricht.nl/about/people/koen_reesink

Webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLU8rTLALco&feature=youtu.be


MSc in Electrical Engineering, PhD in Biomedical Engineering


Vascular Structure & Function, Hemodynamics, Ultrasound, Signal Processing, Control Systems Theory, Biomedical Instrumentation, Electronics


BioMedical Engineering (BME) (Assistant professor)
Working days:
Mon-Tue-Thu-Fri, Wednesdays: out of house.